Digitize your front door.
Modernize your back office.
Maximize your clinic's potential.

BetterPT is a 360° inbound patient management solution for small, medium, and enterprise PT practices and hospitals.

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Our inbound patient management software gives back time to patients and providers.

BetterPT’s secure software streamlines inbound patient management and reduces administrative burden.

Optimized access points

Effient scheduling, a centralized process, and a single point of entry

Cutting-edge security

Secure end-to-end solution for PHI management

Pioneering interoperability

Market-leading cloud native technology with EMR integration capabilities

Manage your physical therapy bookings with BetterPT.

Meaningful patient information.
Improved patient engagement.

BetterPT is transforming and simplifying patients' access and experience with healthcare services.

Conditions and referrals


Scheduling preferences

BetterPT has been working great! We started using the platform in January and received approximately 360 new patients by summer’s end. We’re thrilled with the success of it.

Stefanie Colton, Manager of Business Development at Atlantic Health System

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