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The Fourth Trimester: Caring for Yourself After Giving Birth!

From the first signs of pregnancy until the time you give birth, your body goes through some major changes. Fortunately, there is support to guide women through this process.  Obstetricians and midwives closely monitor your health, community classes prepare you for birth, and weekly guides talk about the expected progress.

Sep 18

6 Ways to Recognize a Quality Physical Therapy Clinic

You have pain, a physical injury, limited movement, or limited daily function. You most likely need physical therapy. Out of convenience, you call the first and closest PT clinic, because all clinics are the same, right?  Wrong!  This blog will discuss how to make an informed decision when choosing where to go for your physical therapy needs.

Sep 11

Back to School: 4 Injury Prevention Tips for Young Athletes

The school year is right around the corner and for many students, this means a ramp up in athletic participation. With increasing demands on their growing bodies, kids are more susceptible to getting hurt. Whether these injuries occur from overuse or a traumatic incident, prevention can be the most important tool. What can you do to help decrease the risk of injury? Here are 4 tips to keep your child healthy.

Sep 04

Important Tips and Tricks Regarding your Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Total knee replacements are common with more than 600,000 procedures performed each year in the United States. Hospitals and doctors have been great about educating patients regarding their surgery before and after the procedure occurs. However, patients still have questions about their total knee replacement surgery and how to perform everyday tasks. Questions such as “What exactly was done in my knee?” “What is the best position to sleep at night?” “What is the best way to go up and down stairs with a cane?” “Which exercises are best to perform right after the surgery?” Patients may have forgotten what was told to them, lost the paper education sheet given to them or just need reinforcement regarding techniques that were taught to them.

Aug 28

What is Cupping Therapy and Can It Help You?

Cupping Therapy may have become more popular during the 2016 Olympics when the world watched Michael Phelps win multiple gold medals while having purple circles on his back and shoulders. However, Cupping Therapy has been around for centuries dating back to 1,550 BC.

Aug 21

Is Dizziness Affecting Your Daily Life? PT Can Help

Usually, when we have bouts of dizziness it is easy to think that it will pass, but what happens when your dizziness is recurring? It can be scary, debilitating, and confusing. Nearly 90 million Americans suffer from dizziness- but not all of those people are receiving treatment in the form of Physical Therapy. Choosing a specialized type of Physical Therapy called Vestibular Therapy can change the lives of dizziness sufferers. Simply put- Vestibular Therapy is a specialized form of therapy designed to alleviate primary and secondary problems caused by the vestibular system.

Aug 14