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Sports Physical Therapy Can Help You Recover From and Prevent an Injury

Sports physical therapy does more than treat existing injuries. The advantages of athletic physical therapy also decrease recovery time and prevent future injuries.

Jan 22

Five Marketing Strategies for Success

By Brian Gallagher, PT CEO, MEG Business Management LLC When teaching practice owners what the most effective marketing strategies are for their practice, it’s important to first recognize two things: where the bulk of their new patients are coming from and the location of the practice. As with any marketing ...

Jan 22

What Problems Can Neurological Physical Therapy Solve?

Physical therapy for neurological disorders can help restore mobility and address discomfort. Discover if neurological physical therapy is right for you or a loved one.

Jan 21

BioWave Corporation Teams Up With Physical Therapy To Offer Non-opioid Pain Relief

Smart Pain Blocking Technology Helps Patients Engage in Exercise and Participate in Physical Therapy Everybody wants a quick fix and wants to feel better, faster. This is why pain medication in a pill form is so attractive and commonly used. However, there is enough research and attention to the topic ...

Jan 17

How Regular Exercise Can Improve your Efficiency at Work

Regular exercise can increase productivity and improve your performance at work. What are some of the other health benefits of exercise? Read on to learn more.

Jan 15

6 Essential Performance Metrics to Start Tracking RIGHT NOW

Whether you’re looking to grow your private practice or are just starting a physical therapy private practice, keeping an eye on performance is essential. Here are 6 essential performance metrics to start tracking RIGHT NOW!

Jan 10