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Foam Rolling…When and Why You Should Use it?

Are you sitting around at work or school and feeling as though your muscles are tight and stiff? Do you experience some aches and pains in your ankles, knees, hips, back or shoulders when you go for a run? If so, what are you currently doing to take care of that feeling and prevent it from getting worse? Have you thought about foam rolling? Do you know when to use it, why to use it and for how long?

Mar 20

Does Your Child Complain of Back Pain? Core Weakness May be the Contributing Factor and PT Can Help!

Do you find your child complaining of aches, pains or soreness in his/her back? The pain may come and go and is tolerable, but is generally uncomfortable? It is well known that the average individual will suffer from back pain, particularly low back pain at one point in their lives. Many people believe older adults will be the main sufferers from back pain as they get weaker and more sedentary. However, back pain can originate earlier in life than you may have previously thought. It can be a sign of what’s to come if not taken care of correctly in the youth years.

Mar 13

4 Tips to Alleviate Aches & Pain After Pregnancy

Giving birth is very taxing on your body. Whether you had a marathon pushing session or a surgical procedure to remove your baby, your body has been through a lot! Your abdominal muscles have been stretched, your pelvis has been moved and you have had extra weight on your stomach to deal with. In addition to recovering from the birth experience, you are now repetitively picking up that little precious angel which will continue to grow in size. It is no wonder that most woman experience back pain, neck pain and or pelvic pain after giving birth.

Mar 06

What is Blood Flow Restriction Training and How Can It Help you?

Blood flow restriction (BFR) training is a method used to increase muscle hypertrophy (growth in size) by placing blood pressure cuffs or wraps around your limbs during exercise. BFR works by allowing the blood flow of your arteries to occur while restricting the return of blood flow through your veins. This creates a rapid flow of blood into your working muscles and traps it there. The blood starts pooling up in the muscle just like a balloon and causes the muscle to swell in size. When blood flows into a muscle without veins pulling it back out, it leads to an accumulation of metabolites, an increase in growth hormones, and an increase in collagen synthesis. This, in turn, causes muscles to grow, repair and recover at a faster rate.

Feb 27

Arthritis in a Painfree World

Many of my patients have told me that “when you have arthritis you often just don’t want to move.” Besides the pain of movement, the impact of contact with the ground causes severe pain with every step. Walking accentuates this force because the entire body weight is repeatedly shifted entirely onto the affected side. Someone with an arthritic joint will often compensate or limp in order to minimize the weight on that injured limb or side of the body. Compensations often lead to other asymmetries and then 1 dysfunctional body part evolves into multiple problems.

Feb 20

Behind Every Olympian is a Great Physical Therapist

It has begun, the 2018 Winter Olympics! What an amazing site to see. We love watching the athletes whether it is figure skating, ski jumping, snowboarding or ice hockey, we are in awe of how talented the athletes are and what they can do with their bodies. The speed they can attain, the skills they can perform while flying through the air, and the balance they can maintain while on ice or snow. They make it look so easy and so effortless. How do they compete at such a high level with such perfection? Are they lucky, naturally talented and born with an unbreakable body?

Feb 13