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Doctor Patient Relationship is the REAL business of being a PT

Relationships make possible all the services a clinic provides. Discover the importance of doctor patient relationships, and how to foster them on your own.

May 29

Pilates for Rehabilitation: A Holistic Approach to Physical Therapy

Pilates for injury rehabilitation is a comprehensive set of exercises to reduce pain and increase strength. Discover the benefits of Pilates and physical therapy.

May 28

BetterPT's Enhanced Analytics

We are happy to launch updated analytics so you can understand more about your customers experience. Simply click on the analytics tab on your Clinic Web App. See a full Overview, Total Requests, Confirmed Requests and Declined Appointments. And you can view specific details on patients by clicking the "View ...

May 24

5 Bad Scheduling Habits That Are Hurting Your Patients And Your Practice

Your front desk staff has a lot going on. They are your front line in your practice and usually, the first and last face patients see as they come and go in your clinic. But are they developing bad habits that trickle down and affect the rest of the clinic? Don’t miss these five bad scheduling habits that might be hurting your practice and the ways to overcome them.

May 23

Basic Changes to Help Manage My Blood Pressure

Alternative treatment can control hypertension without medication. With options like hypertension therapy, natural treatment can be just as effective. Here’s how.

May 21

Direct Access

One of the best benefits of Direct Access for physical therapy patients is that it allows them to seek treatment without a prescription or referral from a physician.

May 16