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At Centre Physical Therapy, we’re in the people business, which is why everything we do revolves around providing you better, more complete care. Our human-centered practice means that you receive hands-on care from professionals who are invested in your goals. We pride ourselves on a holistic, researched-based approach to your health, and have designed our practice to accommodate the needs of our patients above all else. In order to deliver on this promise, we ensure attentive communication and one-on-one guidance from our expert staff. Because we believe that you deserve to live a life that moves you.


Emily Haglage


imgEmily Haglage

As Clinic Manager, Emily plays a critical role in the the clinic’s daily operations and patient treatment. Whether she’s overseeing Centre’s moving parts or working with patients, Emily lends an unrivaled sense of enthusiasm and curiosity to her job. Her passion for treating patients and impacting their lives gives her an immense sense of pride and purpose. Before joining Centre in 2018 as the Clinic’s first employee , Emily worked at Athletico’s Midwest Orthopedics at Rush, where she specialized in both orthopedic and athletic injury treatment. When she isn’t treating patients, Emily can be found enjoying various activities including yoga, running, and training for half marathons. She also enjoys travelling and spending time with her friends and family.

Catherine Stegemann


imgCatherine Stegemann

Caty founded Centre in 2018 with a singular focus on human-centered care. Her holistic, researched-based approach to patient treatment combined with thorough communication and a passion for helping others makes her a veritable force in the physical therapy field. Her 22-year career has spanned various in- and out-patient facilities throughout Chicago; however, it was her position at Athletico’s Midwest Orthopedics at Rush where she solidified her now substantive expertise in post-operative hip arthroscopy, and even wrote the protocol for surgeons specializing in arthroscopic hip surgeries. It is this in-depth knowledge that has earned Caty recognition in her field and enthusiastic referrals from physicians throughout the midwest. When patients come to Centre, Caty wants their experience to be different. She wants them to feel listened to, cared for, and empowered in their course of healing. She believes that bedside manner plays an integral role in patient health, and is driven to deliver the best possible care tailored to her patients’ individual needs. When she isn’t working with patients and running the clinic, Caty can be found spending time with her husband and 2 children, networking, cooking, exercising and spending time with her friends.


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