Cynergy Physical Therapy


Cynergy Physical Therapy - MIDTOWN WEST, is conveniently located at 119 West 57th Street in Midtown West, is a place we like to call home. We are a facility filled with happy faces and eager-to-please Physical Therapists. As soon as you step off the elevator, you become a part of the Cynergy Physical Therapy family. We offer one-on-one personalized care to each and every patient. By teaching correct form and how to handle real-life situations where stress might be added to an affected area, we believe that even outside of the 57th and 6th Street location, you are growing and learning more about your body and ways to keep it healthy.

Inside our facility, we offer an extremely effective machine for those who are recovering from surgery or injury. The AlterG- Anti-gravity treadmill is an out of this world experience. The Alter-G alleviates a percentage of body weight and allows any affected areas to essentially “take a break” and releases the pressure, allowing for a solid, thorough workout with no pain! This machine is extremely successful in its ability to rehabilitate those areas in need of treatment, and with the help of this and our Physical Therapists, healing is a process that we make easy!


We kindly ask that you notify us no later than 24 hours in advance for all rescheduling and cancellations. Thank you.

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