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We specialize in the provision of comprehensive physical therapy to individuals following joint replacement, arthroscopic and reconstructive surgeries, and spine surgeries as well as non-surgical orthopedic, sports, and spinal-related injuries.

We strive to offer an exemplary model of patient care in a professional and caring environment. Our skilled staff of highly trained physical therapists have extensive experience in treating advanced orthopedic injuries, and are referred by many of the area's and nation's top physicians.

Our ability to provide focused expertise in orthopedics is strongly supported by our team-centric environment and we view our team as equals working together towards one common goal: the patient’s rehabilitation and recovery. Our philosophy is to roll out the ‘red carpet’ for every patient who comes in contact with our company, whether it be on a phone call or when stepping through our front door.

Our Physical Therapists are held to a high standard and are selected not solely on resume, but on the clinical and interpersonal skills they possess. Prospective patients can be assured of consistency and meticulous attention to their needs. We have a very low patient per-hour ratio, allowing our Physical Therapists to spend ample time with each patient to achieve optimal results. Our goal is to establish relationships for a lifetime, but not treat patients for a lifetime. We take pride in being a low-volume practice, which is how we gained our reputation for providing the best care in Bergen County.

Our foundation for success has been built upon providing exceptional quality care, while at the same time maintaining an unsurpassed level of professional standards.


Nick Esemplare


imgNick Esemplare

Nick is a Seton Hall University graduate where he received both Bachelor of Science in Biology and Doctorate of Physical Therapy degrees. Nick's desire to become a physical therapist stemmed from his love of sports and interest in physical fitness and wellness. Being an avid athlete his entire life, he always understood the critical role physical therapists held in helping athletes return to their sport after suffering an injury. This combined with Nick's compassion for others made physical therapy the perfect career choice. As a physical therapist, Nick enjoys working with patients of varying ages and levels of injury; however, due to his love of sports and interest in sports medicine, he particularly enjoys treating and helping young athletes. Overall, helping his patients push themselves and be their best is what Nick finds to be the most rewarding aspect of the career. In Nick's free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends and staying active, whether it be spending time outdoors or in the gym. Within the past couple years, Nick completed two 50 mile hikes along the Appalachian Trail for charity and plans to do so again soon. Nick is also a thrill seeker, with a new found love of sky diving. Throughout all aspects of his life, Nick enjoys a challenge, especially in his work as a physical therapist. To him, the challenges he faces each day in the workplace have and continue to help him grow professionally and are what allow him to be the best therapist he can be for his patients.

Jeff Ziegler


imgJeff Ziegler

Jeffrey Ziegler, MSPT, graduated from College Misericordia, now Misericordia University, in 2006 with a BS in Health Science and MS in Physical Therapy. During his final year of school, Jeff became a graduate assistant at EXCEL. He accepted a PT position prior to graduation at the newly opened Oakland office (at the time just the third overall location), where he is now the Clinic Manager. Growing up, Jeff competed in numerous sports, swimming being the top choice for him. He went on to swim in college for four years and was team captain for two years. He was also a one-time MVP. In addition to swimming, he also played lacrosse for two years. Since graduating, he hasn't left the pool. Jeff enjoys coaching various levels of swimming, ranging from youth to adults, training primarily triathletes. He is currently the head coach of the Pascack Valley/Hills High School swim team and was named the Bergen Record's 2016 Girl's Swim Coach of the Year. Jeff remains extremely active and typically starts his day at 4:30 a.m. either swimming, training, or coaching. He competes in various endurance sports and weight trains on a regular basis. Jeff has competed in over 50 races of various lengths, often winning his age group and/or placing well in the overall standings. He loves adventure and anything related to being active. Jeff's love for athletics and anything exercise related made physical therapy a perfect fit as a career. Jeff strongly believes in exercise, the importance of being active on an everyday basis, and how valuable it is to maintain a positive attitude.


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