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Orthology is an innovative solution for rapid recovery from pain, injury, and surgery. Our goal is simple. To get you back to a pain-free life as quickly as possible.

We know what it takes to break the Cycle of Injury. Our approach goes beyond just treating the symptoms you’re feeling today, and gets to the root cause of the injury. We excel in creating a comprehensive plan of treatment-customized for you and targets the root cause of your pain, addressing the key areas necessary for recovery:

* Mobility: To get you pain free and moving without restriction

* Flexibility: To return full range of motion to the affected areas

* Stability: To help you control movement, improve performance, and avoid re-injury.

Our office will call to confirm and to obtain any additional booking information. We will not be able to guarantee coverage for your visit until we verify your insurance.


Steven Braverman


imgSteven  Braverman

Steven Braverman feels that his early admittance into the Physical Therapy program at SUNY Stony Brook foreshadowed his career goal: to always keeping both himself and his patients at the top of their game. Steven started his career at the Hospital for Special Surgery where he quickly became a senior staff PT. In 1993 Steven founded RESTORE Physical Therapy in midtown Manhattan. For 23 years, he specialized in the evaluation and treatment of surgical and non­surgical orthopedic, spinal and sports injuries. Then, in 2015, Steven joined Orthology in order to more effectively provide his patients with the highest level of physical therapy care available. Steven is a graduate of the Back School of Atlanta’s Ergonomic Assessment program and currently holds a level 2 certification (CEAS II). In 2006 Steven founded Ergonomic Consultants of New York, specializing in the evaluation of ergonomic environments at home, work and industry with the goal of preventing and/or minimizing the potential for developing musculoskeletal injuries. The most rewarding part of Steven’s job is the trust that his patients have put in him, returning to him for treatment, and referring their friends, family and coworkers. After 30 years of practice he is as motivated as ever to keep his patients as healthy and active as possible.


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