Orthology Roslyn Heights


Orthology is an innovative solution for rapid recovery from pain, injury, and surgery. Our goal is simple. To get you back to a pain-free life as quickly as possible.

We know what it takes to break the Cycle of Injury. Our approach goes beyond just treating the symptoms you’re feeling today, and gets to the root cause of the injury. We excel in creating a comprehensive plan of treatment-customized for you and targets the root cause of your pain, addressing the key areas necessary for recovery:

* Mobility: To get you pain free and moving without restriction

* Flexibility: To return full range of motion to the affected areas

* Stability: To help you control movement, improve performance, and avoid re-injury.

Our office will call to confirm and to obtain any additional booking information. We will not be able to guarantee coverage for your visit until we verify your insurance.


Dennis Treubig


imgDennis Treubig

Simply put, Dennis is the person to see if you are an active person or athlete who is looking to get back to doing what they love – whether that be working out, playing sports, running, golfing, etc. He is one of the less than 1% of physical therapists who are recognized as a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy and his results prove that it is a well-deserved title. His patients love working with him because he doesn’t just tell them to “rest” and stop doing the activities they typically enjoy and take some medications. He works with his patients to eliminate their pain and solve the underlying issue while still giving them a way to stay active & fit. He aims to give all his patients the natural, long-term relief they are looking for so they can enjoy an active lifestyle for years to come. He also understands how frustrating it can be to navigate the medical world and his patients are so relieved once they realize that they have finally found someone who actually listens to their problem and understands how it’s affecting their life…and truly cares about getting them better. Since graduating from the #1 physical therapy school in the country, the University of Delaware, over 10 years ago, he has spent thousands of dollars and countless hours on improving his knowledge and skills to make sure he provides his patients with the highest quality of physical therapy. So, you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Dennis…and always will be.


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