Progressive Hand Therapy



At Progressive Hand Therapy (PHT), we treat patients who have a disorder of the shoulder, elbow, & hand . Our licensed occupational therapists/certified hand therapists have intricate knowledge of upper extremity function and structure, and we work with patients to prevent injury or impairment, restore gross and fine motor skills, and enhance participation in activities of daily living.

All patients receive one-on-one treatment from a certified hand therapist. We collaborate with your physician to create your treatment plan, using the highest clinical standards in the field.

We offer flexible appointment scheduling: Monday through Saturday

Mon: 9-7, Tues: 9-7, Wed: 9-7, Thurs: 9-7, Fri: 9-7, Sat: 8-1.

We also work with many insurance plans. Medicare, Worker’s Comp and No Fault insurances accepted.

Our staff is warm and supportive, and our soothing, sun-filled space provides a healing environment.

Participating Member Of The Hospital For Special Surgery


We kindly ask that you notify us no later than 24 hours in advance for all rescheduling and cancellations. Thank you.


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