Reddy-Care Physical Therapy was founded by Dr. Vinod Somareddy, DPT as a private physical therapy practice to deliver physical therapy to our local community. We believe that a thorough evaluation, evidence-informed clinical decision making, and skill development are essential in creating successful...

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Stephanie Idjadi

Stephanie Idjadi, DPT, CAFS, FMT

imgStephanie  Idjadi


Stephanie Idjadi received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the New York Institute of Technology. She has done research in Parkinson's and was published in the International Journal of Health Sciences. Stephanie began her career at Reddy-Care Physical Therapy nine years ago as a physical therapy aide while also working on marketing, recruiting, human resources among many other administrative activities. After graduating in 2015 Stephanie started her career with us as a physical therapist. As the clinical director, she supports a team of 9 therapists in the Great Neck clinic. In her role, she ensures that clinical care is delivered to the highest standards so that patients can achieve their goals.

Bonnie Lee

Yu-Hsuan Lee, DPT

imgBonnie  Lee


Dr Lee earned her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Loma Linda University, California. Prior to attending Loma Linda, she received her Bachelor degree in Physical Therapy from Chang Gung University, Taiwan and Master degree in Physical Therapy from National Yang Ming University, Taiwan. Dr Lee worked in acute public hospital in Singapore for 5 years. She was trained in ICU for cardiopulmonary conditions, fitness center for weight management and diabetes control program, plus inpatient and outpatient settings for orthopedics and geriatric. She has extensive clinical experience in sports rehab, post-operative rehabilitation, orthopedics, functional training techniques and manual therapy. She constantly upgrades her skills and knowledge to provide the best treatments to her patients.

Shehzad Surya

Shehzad Surya, PT

imgShehzad  Surya


Shehzad Surya is originally from Mumbai, India but has lived in New York for the past nine years. He graduated from Vikas College of Physiotherapy with a Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy and from Long Island University with a Master's in Exercises Physiology. He has worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, in- home as well as outpatient clinics. He has a special interest in cardio-pulmonary conditions as well as vestibular disorders which he finds to be the most satisfying of the specialties. He also has worked with a wide variety of post-surgical conditions and takes great pleasure in helping people return to their regular lives. He is an avid sportsman who enjoys playing cricket and soccer and loves reading in his spare time.

Kate Zhang

Dr. Kate Zhang, DPT

imgKate  Zhang


Kate graduated from NYU in 2010 with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT). She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist also specializes in vestibular patients. Kate has been at Reddy Care for a year, beginning her career in January of 2018.

Prabal Singh

Prabaljot Singh, DPT

imgPrabal  Singh


Prabal received his Bachelors Degree in physical therapy while in India. He then continued his education and received a Masters of Neuroscience from Columbia University and his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Stony Brook. He has been practicing physical therapy since 2010 and has been working at Reddy Care since 2013. He loves to treat neurological patients and enjoys watching cricket and soccer games during his free time.

Peoni Amin

Peoni Amin, PT

imgPeoni  Amin


Peoni got her Bachelors degree in Physical Therpay from India. She then continued her education in Buffalo NY where she got her Masters in Exercise Science. She began her career at Reddy Care, starting in April of 2018. She loves to treat knees and backs because she is very interested in their bio mechanics. In her spare time, she loves reading books, her favorite author is Robin Cook.


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