Being located in a La Palestra facility means a great deal to the 70 Pine Street team. This historic landmark building, once the tallest structure in downtown Manhattan, is remarkably intact, welcoming patients through a beautiful lobby with high ceilings and marble floors. Exposed brick and a moder...

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Joshua Rieders, PT, DPT, CSCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

imgJoshua Rieders, PT, DPT, CSCS


Josh Rieders is the Clinical Director of SPEAR’s Financial District – 70 Pine Street location. Josh received his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from New York University and his Bachelor of Science degree in Health & Exercise Science from Syracuse University. Josh’s clinical experience includes orthopedics, sports rehabilitation, acute rehabilitation, and adult neurological rehabilitation. Josh focuses on manual therapy techniques and neuromuscular reeducation to maximize translation to functional movement patterns. He has experience in lower extremity rehabilitation with a goal to return to impact sports as well as experience in rehabilitation of the throwing athlete. In addition to a passion for treating high level athletes, Josh has developed an interest in the treatment of primary headaches which include migraine and tension-type headaches. He is currently researching the treatment of post-concussion syndrome. Josh is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association. When Josh is not treating patients at SPEAR, he is training clients looking to improve their fitness and reach personal goals. Josh enjoys staying active with resistance training, running, basketball, and hiking. During his free time, he enjoys the outdoors, cooking, fishing, and spending time with family and friends.

Jeffrey Smith, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

imgJeffrey Smith, PT, DPT


Jeff Smith earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Misericordia University in Pennsylvania where he also earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration with a specialization in Sport Management. Jeff’s clinical experience includes outpatient orthopedics, sports rehabilitation, acute rehabilitation and adult neurological rehabilitation. While at Misericordia, Jeff also helped co-found, open and operate Misericordia’s first pro bono Physical Therapy clinic. Jeff’s interest in physical therapy stems from his long history of competing in athletics at the youth, high school, and collegiate level. During his undergraduate studies, Jeff was a member of Misericordia University’s football team. Jeff’s time competing in athletics and having to receive therapy himself were the driving forces that ignited his desire to become a physical therapist and help other athletes/active individuals return to their peak level of fitness and function. Jeff utilizes manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and education to help his patients reach and maintain their goals. He is currently studying to obtain his Certified Strength and Conditioning Certification so that he can better serve his patients. When he’s not helping patients at SPEAR, Jeff enjoys staying active both physically and mentally by working out, reading, and studying at local coffee shops or the local library. In his free time, Jeff enjoys hiking, skiing, adventuring in the outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.

Justin Aquino, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

imgJustin Aquino, PT, DPT


Justin Aquino became interested in physical therapy during his senior year of high school when his brother required rehabilitation for his knee. His goal of becoming a physical therapist grew during his junior year of college when he fractured his ankle that required surgery. He experienced firsthand the effects of PT and the type of relationship a patient has with a therapist, which he wanted to provide to others as a career. Justin earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy at New York Medical College (NYMC) and his BS in Applied Kinesiology from Rutgers University. During his time at NYMC, Justin has had exposure to outpatient orthopedics, vestibular rehabilitation, and inpatient rehab on a brain injury unit. Justin’s clinical interests involve orthopedics, sport-specific training, vestibular rehabilitation, and injury prevention. With a focus on working with athletes at all levels, he strives to assist individuals to perform at the highest level possible in all sports. Being a runner himself and having participated in a running analysis project during his graduate education, Justin hopes to make an impact in the running community for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Justin was born and raised in New Jersey. When Justin is not in the clinic or classroom, he enjoys playing basketball, exploring for new and popular food spots, playing guitar or cajon, or simply relaxing with his friends and family. He is always eager to try new activities to reach new personal goals.

Kira Sender, PT, DPT


imgKira Sender, PT, DPT


Kira Sender earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Drexel University, after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Maryland. During her time as a physical therapy student she trained at clinics throughout the country, including in Hawaii, South Carolina, and Philadelphia, with a focus in outpatient orthopedics, spine, and post-operative rehabilitation. Kira is certified in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy, and has a special interest in treating endurance athletes and individuals with spine conditions. She is passionate about empowering the people she treats by providing them with the tools to live, work, and play with greater confidence and ease. Kira grew up in northern New Jersey and is excited to call New York City her home. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, hiking, biking, and planning her next mountaineering adventure.

Deena Gilboa, PT, DPT


imgDeena Gilboa, PT, DPT


Deena earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Rutgers University and her Bachelor’s in Biology from Yeshiva University. Her clinical experience includes orthopedics, acute care/acute rehabilitation and adult neurological rehab. During her career she has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of neurological, cardiac, spinal dysfunction, post-operative joint replacements and sports injured patients. She utilizes the skills she has gained in these settings to create individualized care plans for every patient. Deena prides herself on constantly providing her patients with encouragement to keep them confident and motivated throughout their recoveries. Her interest in pursuing physical therapy stems from her athletic background and her desire to help others restore normal function into their everyday lifestyle. Her love and passion for physical therapy came from an injury she sustained in college. She was the captain of the fencing team, competing in the NCAA, where she got injured and thought she would not be able to finish her season. After working with a physical therapist through the rehabilitation process, she was able to finish out the season strong. Deena is a dedicated, hard working, positive physical therapist, providing high quality, personalized care to every patient she treats. In Deena’s free time she enjoys exploring different areas of NYC, traveling, hiking and biking.

Timothy Caputo, PT, DPT


imgTimothy Caputo, PT, DPT


Tim earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University and his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from the University of Rhode Island. During his time spent at the University of Rhode Island, he was a member of the NCAA Division I baseball team, for which he served as team captain. Upon graduating, he was recognized by the faculty for his hard work and dedication to the profession in the clinical setting and was a recipient of the Clinical Excellence Award. While at Stony Brook he had exposure to various different settings, including outpatient orthopedics, sports rehabilitation, acute care, and adult neurological rehabilitation. Tim’s interest in physical therapy stems from an active lifestyle and years of playing sports. His clinical interests include orthopedics, return to sport training, injury prevention and post-operative rehabilitation. His treatment approach focuses on improving functional deficits and elevating athletic performance through functional manual therapy and strategic therapeutic exercise to allow his patients to return to peak performance. Tim is originally from Long Island and has embraced the vibrant culture that New York City has to offer. Outside of the clinic, he enjoys playing intramural sports, surfing, playing golf, travelling, drawing, and watching the Mets.

Dana Ballis, PT, DPT


imgDana Ballis, PT, DPT


Dana earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Stony Brook University. During her time there, she was inducted into the Alpha Eta National Honor Society for academic excellence among allied health professionals. She also earned her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with a minor in Nutrition and Biochemistry from the University of Delaware. Throughout her clinical experiences, Dana was exposed to a variety of patient populations and settings. She has experience in a mixed outpatient orthopedic and neurologic clinic that focused on a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. She commonly worked with patients returning from orthopedic surgeries and sports injuries, as well as patients with neurological issues, including return-to-play athletes, cerebral palsy, and patients recovering from strokes. Dana also attended a clinical that specialized in vestibular rehabilitation and in the management of complex inner-ear disorders, including hypofunctions, acoustic neuromas, and particular forms of vertigo. Dana has a passion for maintaining an active lifestyle stemming from her love for dance and running. She has competed in half marathons and triathlons, and just completed her first marathon last year! She also enjoys yoga, hiking, traveling, and biking.


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