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We follow a healing continuum from injury to return to function or sport. We work with you to find new and better ways to improve your heal...

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Annie Niesen


imgAnnie Niesen


Annie Neison has a dedication to approaching health and wellness in a holistic kind of way. Really looking to better understand how our health and wellness is impacted by the way we move, sleep, by the things we eat, and by the stress, anxiety, and social/mental health concerns we all have to navigate today. Specializing in how the human body moves and the impact this has on every single aspect of our overall health and happiness, she has always dedicated herself to empowering and educating her patients so that they are able to lead the type of life they deserve – as free of pain, worry, and stress as possible. Her education in the medical world began at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities before she went on to study at Columbia University and achieved her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She is also a certified yoga instructor and has continued her education in the world of movement and mobility. Ever since graduating university (as well as Herman and Wallace, The Institute of Clinical Excellence, and the Rocky Mountain Manual Therapy Institute) she is dedicated to making sure that new breakthroughs are implemented in all of the solutions she recommends to her patients. On top of all that, Annie Neison also works to make sure that each of her individual patients understands that she takes their health and wellness as seriously as they do. With fantastic bedside manner and an easy to get along with, outgoing personality; it should come as no surprise to anyone that many of her patients developed long-standing connections with her.

Ann Duffy


imgAnn Duffy


Ann Duffy, M.A., P.T., received her Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from Ithaca College. She has been a physical therapist for 32 years. In 1984 she began her career at the Rusk Institute at New York University Hospital. In 1988 she completed her Masters in Biomechanics and Ergonomics from New York University. This post graduate work advanced her study and understanding of the musculo-skeletal system using engineering principles (biomechanics) and prepared her to help patients in reducing stress on their bodies at work (ergonomics), in sports and in daily living. In 1989 she started a private practice (Duffy & Bracken Physical Therapy) and continued treating patients using manual therapy techniques, exercise, and work-related and sports-specific training. Through private practice she has been able to bring together highly experienced physical therapists to give the highest quality care. In 1995 she took on another specialty to treat incontinence and pelvic pain becoming one of NYC’s first pelvic floor physical therapists and remains one of the few specialists in this area. This work combines her skills in manual therapy and exercise techniques with biofeedback and behavioral re-education, and has been highly successful in helping patients overcome incontinence and pelvic pain. In 2010 Ann became one of the Hospital of Special Surgeries (HSS) few Advanced Hip Clinicians through a unique program sponsored by HSS to assure the best practice in the rehab of hip pathology and post hip surgery patients. Ann has served as an officer of the Alliance of Independent Physical Therapists, a division of the New York Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association since its inception in 2004. Ann also works hard in her sports which include golf, tennis, snowboarding, skiing, wake boarding, water skiing, biking and weight lifting and brings this experience to her work with patients.

Mukta Chauhan


imgMukta Chauhan


Mukta is a seasoned physical therapist with over ten years of experience in Manual Physical Therapy and a board certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. She received her Bachelor’s in Physical Therapy in India and moved to the US to further her education and received advanced training in Functional Manual Therapy at Institute of Physical Art. This completely transformed the way she approached her patients. Mukta understands the delicate interplay between neurophysiology, biomechanics, neurofascial systems and their combined contribution in the overall well-being of a patient. Mukta is also a very keen student of the nature of interactions in these systems resulting in a specific condition. This enables her to have a much more nuanced understanding of her patients. Mukta takes to heart the philosophy of ongoing improvement, and because she continuously augments her knowledge with training and continued education courses, she is always improving on the quality of care she offers her patients. She has been mentored in uro-gynecological physical therapy and has also taken training at Herman & Wallace. In the last two years, she has taken numerous courses from industry stalwarts in Fascial Manipulation, MFR, MET, and Strain-Counterstrain and became Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist. All of these trainings have come together and enabled her in becoming a well-rounded physical therapist. In her free time, Mukta is found either biking, running or hiking. Just being outdoors helps her understand her own body even more deeply.

Kanchan Shenoy


imgKanchan Shenoy


Kanchan is a physical therapist with a Master’s degree in Musculoskeletal Sciences. She has a profound interest in manual therapy and exercises and has successfully completed the certification in Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (Cert MDT) from McKenzie Institute in 2012 and sheis a Certified Mulligan Practitioner since 2011. Kanchan is also formally trained in Clinical Neurodynamics (Shacklock), Maitland mobilization and yoga.

Michelle Andoy


imgMichelle Andoy


Michelle is a board certified physical therapist licensed in New York. She received her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Michelle believes in empowering individuals to integrate exercise and wellness into their daily lives and brings this passion to her patient treatment. She has participated in youth outreach in the local community, as well as volunteering in Wheeling Forward’s spinal mobility program. She underwent intensive training in pelvic floor physical therapy, expanding her knowledge on the integrative approach to patient care which is so important. Michelle has provided direct patient care in several other healthcare settings including: skilled nursing facilities, sub-acute rehab, outpatient orthopedics, and various divisions of acute care hospitals. It is time to take the safari adventure of a lifetime with the Wild Life slots an African safari-themed online slot by IGT software developer. Big game and big wins with 10 paylines and expanding wilds feature. Her professional interests include orthopedics, pelvic floor physical therapy and women’s health. She always works toward providing optimal patient care. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys music, exercising and exploring new restaurants.

Hsing-I Hseih


imgHsing-I Hseih


Hsing-I Hsieh, PT, MA, DPT is a board certified physical therapist licensed in New York. Hsing-I received her Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy from Chung-Shan Medical University in Taiwan. She started her career at a multispecialty medical center, where she specialized in treating patients with a variety of complex conditions, especially acute and sub-acute orthopedic rehabilitation. Her clinical experience includes outpatient orthopedic settings working with patients that range from athletes to pediatric and geriatric populations, as well as acute inpatient settings. After moving to New York in 2010, she earned both a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and a Masters of Arts in Pathokinesiology from New York University. On her graduation day, Hsing-I was chosen as the Departmental Banner Bearer for exemplary leadership and academic excellence. Hsing-I aims to blend solid clinical skills with up-to-date research perspectives to provide high quality, individualized physical therapy to her patients. Her professional interests include orthopedic physical therapy, women’s health, pre- and post-operative rehabilitation and lymphedema management. She has received specialized training in various manual therapy techniques and continues to enhance her hands-on therapy by taking various continuing education classes. Hsing-I speaks English, Mandarin and Taiwanese. When Hsing-I is not treating patients, you will find her cooking, spinning, kickboxing, doing Pilates, or volunteering.


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