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JAG-ONE - Richmond Hill Road

33 Richmond Hill Rd

Staten Island, NY 10314

1.05 mi. away

JAG-ONE - New Dorp

31 New Dorp Lane, 1st Floor

Staten Island, NY 10306

1.67 mi. away

JAG-ONE - Eltingville

4079 Richmond Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10312

2.82 mi. away

Acuphysio Physical Therapy

1428 Victory Blvd

Staten Island, NY 10301

3.14 mi. away

JAG-ONE - Westerleigh

1351 Forest Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10302

3.32 mi. away

JAG-ONE - Rossville

1243 Woodrow Road, Suite 323

Staten Island, NY 10309

3.93 mi. away

JAG-ONE - Bayonne

654 Broadway, Suite 2

Bayonne, NJ 7002

6.51 mi. away

JAG-ONE - Bay Ridge Fourth Avenue

9920 4th Avenue , Suite 103

Brooklyn, NY 11209

6.53 mi. away

Millennium Physical Therapy - Brooklyn

8616 3rd Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11209

6.92 mi. away

JAG-ONE - Bay Ridge Fifth Avenue

9020 5th Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11209

6.92 mi. away

Direct Access makes self-referral for physical therapy easy in New York.

Here are the Direct Access laws in New York, as described by the American Physical Therapy Association:

New York is one of 26 states that allow patients to enjoy the benefits of direct access for physical therapy with some provisions.

Direct access physical therapy in New York may be administered with the following provisions:

A licensed physical therapist in New York may treat a patient without a referral for 10 visits or 30 days, whichever comes first.

The PT must have at least three years of full-time practicing experience.

A PT must be at least 21 years old.

The PT must notify the patient that direct access for physical therapy in New York might not be covered by the patient’s health insurer when he or she does not receive a referral for PT.

Notification must be in written form.

The notification regarding direct access to physical therapy in New York must also state that said services could potentially be covered by the health insurer with a referral.

The PT must keep a copy of the written notification in the patient’s file.


Direct Access lets you self-refer for physical therapy. No prescription required.