Are You in Too Much Pain To Start Physical Therapy?


You’ve put off getting your injury checked out. Or perhaps you have a recurring injury that just won’t quit. Whatever the case may be, the pain is bad. Maybe you’re having difficulty moving your affected limb or maybe you’re even having trouble walking. Ask yourself this: Are you in too much pain to start physical therapy?

Physical therapy is the use of exercises and modalities to help with pain management. In other words, going to see your physical therapist is probably one of the best things you can do to get neck or hip pain relief, along with any other areas prone to discomfort. 

Analyzing Your Pain

If you can’t leave your house due to the pain, it may be hard to make it to your physical therapy appointment. And if your pain is really severe or new and severe, you should likely consult with a medical professional as soon as you can. 

However, the goal of physical therapy is to decrease and eliminate your pain. By attending your physical therapy appointment, you may be educated on methods, techniques, or modalities that assist with chronic pain management and could help you get back to your normal lifestyle and activities. 

But sometimes, you need a little help to get there. 

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Joint Pain Relief and More in a Safe and Manageable Way

So, what can you do for natural pain relief? How can you give yourself that extra push to get to your physical therapist?

1. Try Deep Breathing Techniques for Pain Management

Did you know that stress can actually amplify your pain? Deep breathing techniques and meditation can help you calm down. In turn, it relaxes your body and provides joint and muscle pain relief.

Find a quiet area. Slowly inhale and count to 4. Pause, then exhale to the count of 4. Do this for about 5-10 minutes and feel yourself slowly relax.

2. Move a Little!

For some conditions, like knee arthritis, inactivity can actually lead to more pain. Sometimes, the best form of knee pain relief is to move a bit. 

Stand up and perform slow and controlled movements. If it increases the pain, stop. Only move within a tolerable level. Walk around. See how you feel after a few minutes.

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3. Try BioWaveGo for Natural Pain Relief

BioWaveGO is a pain management and blocking technology that is non-opioid and patented. It’s even used by many professional sports teams in the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB. Biowave technology has been proven in a clinical study to provide long-lasting relief of chronic low back pain for up to 24 hours.* The best part? You can use it within the comfort of your own home and experience hip, knee, or shoulder pain relief – or whatever is causing you discomfort.

Go to and enter the code BetterPT to order now, get FREE next day shipping, and get back in the game. 


Schedule Your Next Physical Therapy Appointment and Experience Natural Pain Relief Today!

Use the BetterPT website or download the mobile app to schedule your next PT appointment. Booking a physical therapy appointment has never been easier, especially now with direct access to physical therapy. With direct access, you don’t even need a physician’s referral before making an appointment with a PT. Start a pain management program today and you’ll be that much closer to leading the life you deserve!

*Weill/Cornell Double-Blinded Randomized Crossover Study Phase 3 – Biowave vs. TENS

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