BioWave Corporation Teams Up With Physical Therapy To Offer Non-opioid Pain Relief

Smart Pain Blocking Technology Helps Patients Engage in Exercise and Participate in Physical Therapy

Everybody wants a quick fix and wants to feel better, faster. This is why pain medication in a pill form is so attractive and commonly used. However, there is enough research and attention to the topic of Opioid addiction to help us search for alternative medical techniques for pain reduction. Physical Therapy has been recommended by the CDC as a safe alternative to Opioid addiction. However, sometimes pain becomes a barrier to starting physical therapy.

BioWave Corp is a health technology company that delivers Smarter Pain Blocking Technology™ in order to help patients and their health care providers manage chronic or acute pain. Biowave is a perfect adjunct tool to physical therapy to help patients feel well enough to participate in their therapeutic exercises and be compliant with their home exercise programs.


BioWaveGO is a FDA cleared, over the counter, wearable version of BioWave’s popular non-opioid, pain relief technology. The development of the new BioWaveGO OTC product is the natural evolution of a patented neurostimulator pain relief technology that BioWave has perfected over more than 15 years. BioWaveGO is available in a non-prescription strength to help anyone in acute or chronic pain participate in physical therapy and lead a fuller and active pain-free life. BioWave technology is different than outdated TENS, and has been proven to be not only effective, but significantly reduce pain in more than 85% of people who use it, from just one 30-minute treatment.

BioWave’s high frequency neurostimulation technology uses high frequency signals and electrodes to deliver electrical fields and polarizing signals through the skin into deep tissue, blocking pain signals at the source.

By blocking the pain at the nerve, patients are able to seek early relief from pain while participating in their healthcare exercises and routines. This allows patients to work on dysfunctions and muscle imbalances in the body which may have been the root cause of pain in the first place.

You can start utilizing BioWave and physical therapy together to lead an active and pain free lifestyle. You can find and schedule your physical therapy appointment through the BetterPT mobile app and BetterPT website. Don’t let pain get in the way of your future!

About BioWave Corp.

BioWave is a health technology company that manufactures and sells a variety of FDA-cleared medical devices, all based on its patented, high frequency neurostimulation technology for natural, non-opioid pain relief. Products include BioWavePRO and BioWavePENS for use in a physician’s office, BioWaveHOME, a home prescription portable version, and BioWaveGO an over the counter wearable version. BioWave devices are in use by physicians nationwide, including at over 80 VA Hospitals as well as by over 120 professional sports teams across the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB, by 160 major college programs and have been officially recommended by Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA).

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