Get on Track to the World Series: Avoiding Baseball Injuries

baseball injuries

Playing any sport involves the risk of injury. Baseball is no different. Baseball injuries can include everything from minor muscle strain to fractures of the bones in the hands or wrists. Baseball injuries to the shoulders and elbows also tend to be especially common during gameplay.

Luckily, it’s possible to reduce your risk of sustaining an injury while playing this sport. You just need to keep certain key tips in mind for avoiding the worst baseball injuries. If you play baseball at any level, heed the following advice, and you’ll be much more likely to remain at bat all season long.

Preventing Common Baseball Injuries of the Shoulder

Baseball players may injure their shoulders by throwing with too much force; pitchers are particularly vulnerable to this. It’s also possible to experience shoulder baseball injuries during a headfirst slide. Common shoulder injuries include a torn rotator cuff and shoulder tendinitis.

Properly stretching before a game can help prevent such common baseball injuries. It’s also very important for pitchers to work on their form, as this can play a major role in their odds of getting hurt.

Younger players shouldn’t be tasked with pitching throughout an entire game. It takes a lot of practice to reach the stage where you can safely pitch for hours. Thus, coaches should make a point of rotating positions. Otherwise, they put their pitchers at risk of developing a shoulder baseball injury.

Most importantly, monitor yourself for signs of discomfort if you’re a baseball player. It’s necessary for players to communicate with coaches when they begin to develop shoulder pain. Taking a break to recuperate is key to preventing the worst baseball injuries.

Avoiding Elbow Baseball Injuries

Baseball players may develop elbow injuries if they put their muscles and joints in this area under repeated, excessive stress. Stress fractures, valgus extension overload, flexor tendinitis, and ulnar collateral ligament injury are among the more common sports injuries that may affect the elbow.

Some, like vulgar extension overload, can be considered to be among the worst baseball injuries because they can significantly impact an athlete’s ability to continue playing for a long period of time. A baseball injury of the elbow can derail an athlete's progress and keep them out of the game for significant periods of time.

baseball injuries - shoulder

That’s why focusing on prevention with sports injuries is important. Again, the best way to avoid harm is to work closely with experts to develop proper form for all motions involved in baseball, including throwing, hitting, and catching. Additionally, working with a physical therapist is the key to building the right muscles so as to avoid overexertion or injury. Understanding proper body mechanics allows players to reduce strain and avoid baseball injuries to the elbow.

How to Thwart the Worst Baseball Injuries

Coaches should help players develop their skills one step at a time. Baseball players are more likely to experience sports injuries if they try to perform beyond their current abilities. By adopting a gradual approach to coaching, teams can protect every single player from baseball injuries to the elbow, shoulder, and rest of the body.

Additionally, it’s necessary for all coaching to be age-appropriate. Younger players may not have developed the strength they need to perform at a certain level. Attempting to exceed their abilities puts them at risk of harm.

This principle is key to avoiding any sports injuries. Obviously, wearing protective gear and playing responsibly is necessary. However, the main goal should always be to avoid pushing oneself further than one’s current skills allow. It takes some patience, but in the long run, playing it safe is much smarter than trying to perform beyond your abilities.

Combined with effective and personalized coaching, physical therapy can help players avoid the worst baseball injuries. With the right exercises and advice, these specialists understand how to build muscle and ease any existing pain for preventing common shoulder injuries and other baseball injuries. To find a physical therapist near you, check out the BetterPT website or BetterPT app. Working with a specialist now means spending more years playing the sport you love.

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