Here’s Why You Need to Automate Your PT With Private Practice Software

By Jamey Schrier,  Founder of Practice Freedom U


Automation might sound complicated and intimidating—but it’s really just another way of saying “organization,” and a systematic approach to private practice management.

Do you ever look at bigger, more successful practices and think they’re the only ones who can afford to run an automated practice? The truth is, those practices are bigger and more successful because they implemented a systematic approach. Automated private practice management software is how they got where they are.

What is a Private Practice Management System?

Systems make every part of your practice—from marketing and hiring to billing and referrals—run more productively and profitably. Automated private practice software is one of the pillars of a successful, growth-oriented practice.

Below are ways that private practice management systems transform your practice and the step that can put every single practice owner on the road to automation:   

Why You Need Automation in Your PT Practice

Are you struggling in your practice right now? Are you having difficulties in your practice getting the results that you want? Whether it's more referrals, whether it's hiring better people, whether it's organizing and putting in more consistent systems, whether it's creating better profitability, whether it's wanting to reduce the number of hours that you're in there, maybe take some more vacations, maybe it's bonuses, cancellations? Whatever it is, the solution to all of those is something you already know, but maybe don't quite understand: you must automate your private practice management system. Automation. Some people call it running like clockwork. Organization.

That's the secret to having a successful business. It's what I did, and I struggled so much with my business. I was working 80 hours a week, missing family events, making less money than my therapists, miserable. I mean, physically, emotionally miserable. Then I automated my approach to private practice management, took 137 days off, and made over $300,000. And it's not about the money, the money came because of the automation. Automated private clinic software is essential.

Automated Private Practice Software Enhances Organization

The reason that bigger organizations are more successful than you is not because they're bigger, it's because they're organized. There are people in charge of things. There are private practice management systems and ways and processes and how to do something. That's why the company's bigger. They're not just randomly bigger, that's why they're called organizations. And you might not want this big, huge company of 100 clinics or 50 clinics or even 10 clinics. But in my experience, and what I personally did, you can do it having one or two clinics.

The Disadvantages of a Non-Automated Approach to Private Practice Management

What happens when your business's not automated? Well, if it’s not automated, then there's no consistency in your private practice management. That means with referrals, this month's good, this month's not, this month's good. That's because of a lack of automated private clinic software. A lack of organization, a lack of systems, a lack of someone that's overseeing the systems, and the systems produce a consistent result. That's what I'm talking about with automation and how it affects private practice management.

If you're not making anywhere near the money you want, automation's your problem. If you're not hiring good people, if you're not retaining good people, automation's the problem. If there's lots of confusion in your practice, people don't seem to know what to do, people seem to be sitting around while you're working your butt off. Solution? Automation. All of these things lead to automation of your private practice management system because what automation does is provide clarity. Automation gives you clarity on what you want and then look at what are the steps involved to get that and then determine who's going to manage and oversee the steps involved or do the steps involved?

The Value of Automated Software for Every Part of a Private Practice

Are you having cancellation problems? Guarantee your front desk isn't automated. Guarantee your people aren't trained, people aren't clear on what they're supposed to do. And we get frustrated and continue to do more of the same things that got us to that problem in the first place.


It takes first an understanding that a level of organization – I affectionately just say automation – that's the problem. It's not the bright, shiny toy I call it the bright, shiny toy syndrome). You don't need to go find the special, bright, shiny toy, because all that's going to be is a waste of money until you understand how to put that toy – which really what you're buying is you're trying to buy a system, a process for private practice management – how to put it in your existing set of systems, your existing set of processes, with your existing set of staff. Whether your staff is two or three people, or whether they're 25 people. There's no way around this, this is how you do it. All you have to do is learn.

How to Learn an Automated Private Practice Management System

Look, I'm nothing special. I was just really frustrated and I was tired of hearing, "It's just the way it is." Working 70, 80 hours a week, being miserable, inside not feeling good about myself, not connecting my purpose and my passion. And I realized that, well, nobody teaches you this stuff. Most people don't talk about this, so I just learned it. As I learned it and as I became more successful in my business, I created a private practice management process, a proven way to teach others how to do it. And it's amazing how many people are resistant to learn how to actually do it. There are two things we know what people hate. They hate where they are, and they hate change. But if you're not afraid to change, if you're not afraid to improve, then learn what to do.

See, you're in control, you have the power to do this. You can employ automated private practice management software, and the world needs you to do this because your family is relying on you, your staff is relying on you, your patients and community are relying on you. Is it going to be easy? It's going to be what it's going to be. Learning anything new always is uncomfortable in the beginning, but then the results are worth it all. So make that change.

There are already prominent examples of easy-to-use private practice software available today. Platforms like the BetterPT website and BetterPT mobile app are transforming the booking experience for patients, and in doing so, giving PT clinics more patients and more opportunities for referrals. Understanding how to improve your private practice management with automated platforms like this is the first step towards a BETTER practice, a BETTER patient experience, and a BETTER you.

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