Is Dizziness Affecting Your Daily Life? PT Can Help

By Peak Performance Physical Therapy

Usually, when we have bouts of dizziness it is easy to think that it will pass, but what happens when your dizziness is recurring? It can be scary, debilitating, and confusing. Nearly 90 million Americans suffer from dizziness- but not all of those people are receiving treatment in the form of Physical Therapy. Choosing a specialized type of Physical Therapy called Vestibular Therapy can change the lives of dizziness sufferers. Simply put- Vestibular Therapy is a specialized form of therapy designed to alleviate primary and secondary problems caused by the vestibular system. 

How do you know if dizziness is affecting your daily life? 

These are some of the indicators, courtesy of Vestibular Disorders Association:

  1. You feel a spinning or whirling sensation; you feel like you or the world around you is moving when it is not (vertigo)
  2. You feel lightheaded, floating, or rocking sensation (dizziness)
  3. You're imbalanced, stumbling, and have difficulty walking straight or when turning
  4. You tend to look down to confirm the location of the ground 
  5. You often touch or hold onto something when standing, or to touch or hold your head while seated
  6. You are sensitive to changes in walking surfaces or footwear 
  7. You have trouble walking in the dark 

Here’s how Physical Therapy can help:

  1. Specialized Vestibular Therapy sessions can help you regain your sense of balance.
  2. Balance therapy can help improve your daily life activities like work or self-care.
  3. Your program is individualized. Each exercise is hand-selected by your therapist based on your level of dizziness or imbalance.
  4. Doing balance exercises with a Physical Therapist can greatly decrease your risk of falling.
  5. Your therapist can properly diagnose your vertigo and create a treatment plan based on your needs.
  6. You are in a safe, controlled, and supervised environment when in the treatment area- this means that you can be confident that you’re getting the support you need during therapy sessions.
  7. We work together to rebuild your confidence and get you back to your life!

If this sounds like something you’d benefit from, it's time to stop suffering and consider Vestibular Therapy! The benefits of this specialized form of therapy can truly change your life and get you back to living without the fear of dizziness or falling. 

You can find and schedule available appointments with Peak Performance Physical Therapy and hundreds of other quality physical therapy clinics on the BetterPT website and BetterPT mobile app. You can now see a physical therapist without a prescription from a doctor via direct access and can start receiving care and get BETTER faster. Get out of the dizziness “fog” and start feeling better today!

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