Recovering from the NYC Marathon

Congratulations! You have finished the NYC Marathon! You have reached your goal! This may have been your first race or your 25th, but either way your body is probably sore and achy! You may have a balky knee, pain in your foot or shin discomfort that has been nagging you for the last few weeks but you ignored it just to make sure you could get through 26.2.

Now is the best time to address those issues and to actively work towards healing your body. Post marathon recovery is vital to your health and to your future ability to run more marathons, as crazy as that may sound. In addition to rest, stretching and proper nutrition, physical therapy should be part of your post marathon recovery plan.

It is a common misconception that you have to see a doctor to get access to physical therapy. In order to start receiving care, YOU can be the driver of your health and recovery. You can start physical therapy today for any lingering aches and pains that you have in addition to invaluable education and advice on what the best protocol for recovery should be. This is all due to direct access, which is currently active in all 50 states.

Make sure that you make physical therapy a part of your post-race routine! You can find a physical therapist on the betterPT app.

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