The Essential Leadership Skill Most Practice Owners Are Missing

Jamey Schrier, DPT, Founder and CEO, Practice Freedom U 

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The other day my phone blew up with texts from a practice owner I know who had reached a major milestone and couldn’t contain his excitement. Here’s a bit of what he wrote: 

...We reached 1800 patient visits this month. That’s hundreds more I thought we could ever do!  

I thought it would take a year – MINIMUM – to get here. It took 3.5 months!

...This is UN-believable!! 

How did he accomplish this? Like most PT owners, he committed himself to his business. But this practice owner did something else, too. He developed a critical leadership skill that must co-exist with commitment, for any business to grow. The good news? It’s a skill any motivated PT owner can develop. The not-so-good news? Most practice owners don’t put enough time into developing it. Back in the day, I was PT owner with a ton of commitment to my business—but for as long as I neglected this skill, my practice suffered. 

Today, I’m talking about how to develop the leadership skill that will help you transform your business and your bottom line:  




This is the Quality You Need to Run a Successful PT Business

How much courage do you have? Do you have enough courage to overcome your fears and worries, to become a success? To create the type of business, to create the type of life that you want? Reminds me of a story. When I first started my practice back in the early 2000s—I know, forever ago—I hired a coach. I was excited, and I made a commitment. I said, “I will hire you, and I will follow your guidance.” 

And then things started to get tough, and I started to become anxious about how much money I was investing with him, and the results weren't coming as fast as I wanted. And I started to look over yonder and see other people I could be working with, and other programs I could be using. And I quit. And I left. 

And I kind of look back years later on that, and I realize, although I had the commitment to be a successful business owner, I didn't have the courage. What is courage? Wikipedia defines courage as “a choice and willingness to confront agony, pain, danger, uncertainty, or intimidation.” I didn't have those things. 

Commitment vs. Courage

And now, as I work with so many other practice owners, so many other people in business, I realize there’s a distinct difference between commitment, having the desire for something and wanting to move forward, and courage. And I believe now it’s more difficult than ever to have both, because of technology. Because of the number of things vying for our time and our focus, it's so hard to stay truly committed and have the courage and the focus to move forward.

That’s one of the biggest challenges that might be facing you, having the courage despite the fear, despite the pain, to get on the other side, where the things that you want lie. So whether it’s a coach that you're looking for or a program to help you run your business better, I encourage you to have the courage to stay with it. 

Now obviously, if you’re staying with it and not getting the results that you want in a reasonable amount of time that's one thing. You may not have the right program or the right coach. But if it’s because of fear and worry, take a look at yourself. Be aware of what’s happening, and look back to look at the other times that's happened. Because that might be the biggest obstacle you're facing is the courage to face fear. I’ve never met and I’ve never read about a successful business owner who didn't have to overcome that. 

Be the Practice Owner You Want to Be

Business owners and practice owners are making this so much more difficult than it has to be. We’re literally killing ourselves, between stress and overwhelm, to create the kind of practice so we can take care of the people we want, and have the life that we want. Have the courage and commitment to get what you want, and don’t give up. 

There is an entire network of successful and driven physical therapists like you out there. Using platforms like the BetterPT website or app can help you tap into these places and create the type of business you want. With the right resources and assistance, facing your fears and focusing on moving forward can help you grow your practice and help you become the PT owner you always wanted to be. 

Jamey Schrier is the Founder of Practice Freedom U and his focus is on helping physical therapists discover how to build highly successful private practices without the stress of working more hours. Jamey’s goal and mission in life is to help as many Physical Therapy owners to reach financial prosperity and live a better quality of life. 

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