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IRG - Riverside PT Idaho (RIV)

150 - 126th Street

Orofino, ID 83544

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IRG - Riverside PT Idaho (RIV)

Direct Access makes self-referral for physical therapy easy in Idaho.

Here are the Direct Access laws in Idaho, as described by the American Physical Therapy Association:

Idaho is one of 18 states that allow patients total, unrestricted access to physical therapy. Under direct access physical therapy in Idaho, no type of physician referral is required. Instead, a physical therapist in Idaho can treat a patient at the patient’s own request.

While direct access for physical therapy in Idaho comes with no restrictions, a physical therapist must refer a patient to the appropriate healthcare provider if the therapist feels the patient’s condition is beyond the physical therapy scope of practice.

Physical therapists are prohibited from radiological, surgical, or medical diagnosis of disease while practicing direct access physical therapy in Idaho.


Direct Access lets you self-refer for physical therapy. No prescription required.

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